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animals printable flashcards with pictures pdf

Balanced Literacy, Science, Writing
Grade Levels
PreK, K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Homeschool
Resource Type
Worksheets, Fun Stuff, Printables

Real animal flashcards printable

DOWNLOAD +155 PAGES of fun and learning animals kids can draw write read and learn simple information about each animal

You can cut all the flashcards and make kids trying, again and again, to match the related cards together.

kids will learn through these printables a lot of animals information

and they will be able to compare real photo to cartoon photo

also, they will write and recognize their names

they can sharpen their drawing skill by drawing the animals

download the worksheet

printable animal flashcards read,write,draw,learn and match real,cartoon photo

you can download for free 4 pages from download button and you can buy the full 155 pages from the link below

free download

download free worksheets
download free worksheets

the full product 155 pages