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Energy transformation printable pdf worksheet


Energy transformation printable pdf

For easy learn worksheet with answers

Grade Levels: 
        3rd  Grade –  7th  Grade  – Homeschooling -class work –
         home work -interactive notebook
Subjects :
      Science – science centre -physics
Resource Type :
      Workbooks, Worksheets, Printable s
Formats Included
  • PDF
51  pages

Energy transformation printable pdf For easy learn worksheet with answers

60  Energy transformation printable Cards for kids to practice what they already learn about energy transformation 

if you need other resources energy return to our previous printable.  you will find the link down or you can contact us at  Use them to teach kids step by step about.

and it also contains a lot of teaching resources about energy forms . And  energy resources types and transformation of energy in different appliances   .

Why to buy this Energy transformation printable


  • in these  printable you will find a great well prepared 60 cards .
  • 40 cards for writing the types of energy in and out in different appliances .
  • another 20 cards to draw different devices that transform energy in the way written on each card
  • answered cards for revise and check your answers will be helpful for homeschooling or self study

Why worksheetszone ?

  • all our resources and printable are prepared in very long time to make sure they will produce a great experience in teaching kids in very easy and fun way .
  • It also takes us a lot efforts and time to make you the best design and simplest easy way for teaching kids . Teaching all sciences branches is our passion and we make our printable with a lot of love and  a lot of effort to produce very high quality kids teaching resources
  • All our payment through paypal safe website and its directly  done through paypal
  • It also Great for  practice energy transformation in different machines and appliances with answers

In this activity, students will answer 60  cards regarding energy transformations in different devices and things. Each card contains one real-life example and the students must think or search to find the correct energy transformation that matches.

Share with your students

  • The CARDS   and the teacher solved cards  are separate. You may share the printable PDF with your at-home students using Google™ Classroom or other secure applications. So Students can then print, answer, and practice from home or at class .


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