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colors in German free worksheets

colors in German free worksheets

Free  German colors worksheet



Grade Levels PreK, Kindergarten, 1st 6th

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colors in German free worksheets

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  • red — rot.
  • pink — rosa.
  • orange — orange.
  • yellow — gelb.
  • green — grün.
  • blueblau.
  • purple — lila.
  • gray — grau.
  • brown — braun
  • beige — beige
  • white — weiß
  • black — schwarz


Every language has its own colorful expressions and symbolism, including German. But in German, bunt or farbenfroh (colorful) expressions are usually very literal: Expressions that contain colors—grün (green), rot (red), blau (blue), schwarz (black), and braun (brown)—use colors literally.

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As in English, the German words for colors (Farben) usually function as adjectives and take the normal adjective endings. In certain situations, colors can also be nouns and are thus are capitalized, as in:

  • Eine Bluse in Blau > a blouse in blue
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    colors in German free worksheets


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  • Creative Ways to Practice the German Colors

    Sure, you can go old school, cracking open the book and repeating the colors over and over until you’re blau in the face. Or, you can pigment your learning with a bit of fun.

    Here are a few simple ideas to add flare to your German color studies.

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