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CVC word cards free printable

CVC word cards free printable

CVC word cards free printable

download for free CVC word cards free printable flash Cards

first,To practice CVC words THEN improve fine motor skills. Use the CVC words worksheetszone flashCards included in this free reading activity or include them in your literacy centers for a ton of fun and education TOO!

Since CVC words are the cornerstone of reading, kindergarteners spend a lot of time practicing them. 

CVC words are simple to recognize, follow to fundamental phonetic principles, and are frequently included in a child’s vocabulary.

Your students will practice sounding out CVC words and matching the appropriate image with the word on the leaf card by using their knowledge of letters, sounds, and word family patterns.

continent of CVC word cards free printable pdf

There are words like man, pen, lip, jug, jar, pot, rug and sun in the resource with pictures .

Start in Steps

Three simple steps will have this entertaining learning exercise ready in no time! Print, trim, and laminate—done! Spend less time making CVC word activities when I have several for you to use instead.

Your students will be prepared to practice in no time if you gather some lovely clips or clothespins.

Supplies Required for Setting Up the CVC words worksheetszone flashCards:

HOW to use

First you will need Card Clips or paperclips, or clips then you will need a Scissors

Produce the cards. Each page has 4 cards.
Laminating the cards.
Split the cards in half.
To make storage and access simple, slide the cards and clothespins or clips into a baggie or tray.

download the cards for free

Even more advanced pupils might be challenged to put their words together into a sentence or come up with rhymes for the words on their cards.

Because of how adaptable these CVC clip cards are, you may utilize them to match both your teaching goals and the developmental needs of your pupils. you can use these printable for independent practice, morning work, reading warm-ups, whole group lessons, small group lessons, literacy cent ers, and word work.

download free worsheet
download free worksheet

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