Free animal cell coloring worksheet

Free animal cell coloring worksheet

Free animal cell coloring worksheet FOR KINDERGARTEN, homeschooling, kids grade 1 to 6

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Animal Cell Structure –Free animal cell coloring worksheet

Animal cells are generally smaller than plant cells.  Another defining characteristic is its irregular shape. .

A typical animal cell comprises the following cell organelles:

Animal Cell Organelles

Cell Membrane

A thin membrane layer of protein and fats surrounding the cell. so Its primary role is to protect the cell from its surrounding. Also, it controls the entry and exit of nutrients and other microscopic entities into the cell.


It is an organelle that contains several other sub-organelles such as nucleolus, and nucleosomes and chromatins. It also contains DNA and other genetic materials.


A jelly-like material which contains all the cell organelles, enclosed within the cell membrane. The substance found within the cell nucleus, contained by the nuclear membrane is called the nucleoplasm.

Golgi Apparatus

A flat, smooth layered, sac-like organelle which is located near the nucleus and involved in manufacturing, storing, packing and transporting the particles throughout the cell.


They are spherical or rod-shaped organelles with a double membrane. They are the powerhouse of a cell as they play an important role in releasing energy.


They are small organelles made up of RNA-rich cytoplasmic granules and they are the sites of protein synthesis.


A membrane-bound organelle present inside a cell involved in maintaining shape and storing water, food, wastes, etc.


They are tiny holes present in the nuclear membrane which are involved in the movement of nucleic acids and proteins within the cell.

The Golgi Apparatus

It is also made of cisternae that are not interconnected. The Golgi functions in packaging and shipping. and It takes molecules produced by the cell, such as proteins and lipids, modifies them if necessary (such as folding for proteins), and packs them into vesicles so that they can be shipped around or outside of the cell.

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