Make Ten Worksheet

Make Ten Worksheet

Make Ten Worksheet free worksheets for kindergarten and preschooler kids

to learn about making numbers

you can find make number 10

also make number 5

and make number 6

and practice addition for beginners

about the worksheets


for kids 3-6 years

kindergarten printable

freebie printable! Find combinations of ten! (Addition) Finally, a full version packet is available here for numbers 1-10. Addition and Subtraction are included here: Practice Makes Perfect: Highlight Sums

printables to use for addition to 10, using 10 frames. Students write how many more to get to 10 and then write a number sentence. This can be used alone or with other addition worksheets available on our website

Engage your students in practicing decomposing and making 10 with these interactive math worksheets! Students will use objects, number bonds, ten frames, and introduce the addition process to practice making ten and other numbers in multiple interactive ways.

download the printable Make Ten Worksheet

download free worksheet
download free worksheet

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you can download arabic worksheet here

you can read about numbers here

and find our worksheets here

Practice the make 10 strategies with the memorable Fact rainbow beehive and much more interactive fun ways for kids! Six interactive story ideas to engage kids to think practice count and solve math facts worksheets cover adding to make 10 facts with the commutative property of addition. Great for no-prep math centers, kindergarten or first grade math morning work, and working on fluency with basic fact practice.

grate for preschool kids

► Practice basic addition and subtraction facts

Fine-tune motor skills with cut and paste

Teach the commutative property

Build foundational math skills

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