abacus practice sheets

abacus practice sheets

free abacus practice sheets

Here you can find free abacus practice sheets for kids 6-9 years old

also, you can find a lot of math worksheet and abacus practice worksheet

also counting the beads ,writing the suitable numbers and understand the place value.

colored worksheet for improving kids math and counting skills

download math practice sheet

while using the practice worksheets, encourage kids to count the beads correctly write the numbers write the correct numberunder the abacus

and count to check the numbers

In addition,try to figure out each number place value after drawing the beads

math worksheet-kindergarten,grade1,grade 2,homeschooling math

not only ,improve your kids math skills also, have a lot of fun.

practice reading 3 digit numbers and drawing the correct number of beads

Inside you can find

4 worksheet Each worksheet has 9 problems writing number shown by each abacus.

also,there is a template abacus worksheet where you can add your own numbers as you need

you can print the template many times as needed to practice the kids

in any numbers you feel they face any difficulties with

download free worksheet
download free worksheet

download a lot of free worksheets in all subjects

Abacus was designed in such a manner so that the brain visualizes the abacus while performing calculations

which automatically activates the right part of our brain especially when we move our fingers over the beads

and talk aloud while solving the problems.

Here, I have compiled the worksheet for kids who are learning Abacus and needs some more practice.

hope kids can find a lot of fun while solving our colorful worksheet

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